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The Enterprise Intelligence Layer

Automate the interpretation of unstructured communications data.

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Perfect Customer Experience

The only way to understand your customers is to listen. Take the first step towards driving sales, reducing churn and improving your product.

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Achieve Operational Excellence

Every manual process is transacted in a conversation. Uncover the hidden inefficiencies in your organisation by monitoring what’s being said.

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Collect MI with AI

Transcribing management information (MI) manually is unreliable, inconsistent, slow and expensive. Automate MI collection with AI.

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Automate Manual Processes

Interpreting conversations manually doesn't scale and is unreliable. Automating their interpretation unlocks massive cost savings.

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Optimise your Communications

The form and content of communications is critical to achieving a company's objectives. Measure, test and optimise the effectiveness of your communications.

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Structured annotation of an email

Structured Annotations of Unstructured Communications Data

re:infer learns quickly from your data to provide real-time, structured annotations of the meaning and emotion contained in every message.

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Verbatim screenshot
Verbatim screenshot
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Automatic Alerts

re:infer’s real-time alerts help you to detect and respond faster to risk events, changes to market conditions or bugs in your product or service.

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Accurate Reporting and Insights

Gain invaluable operational insights by aggregating what’s being said across different customer segments, business divisions and tracked over time.

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Data chart
Data chart
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Enable End-to-end Automation

re:infer’s interpretation of communications enables your organisation to achieve end-to-end automation of service requests and business processes.


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