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Discover, measure, and automate the processes hidden in your communications data to drive efficiency and revenue

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The Challenge

The Connection deficit

Conversational data is the most valuable resource a business has, but processing it is inaccurate and time-consuming. We talk digitally more than ever, but because so much of that data goes to waste, we’re even less understood. We’re facing a massive Connection Deficit.

The Solution

Make every conversation valuable

Re:infer harnesses the power of your conversations. We enable you to understand each message in real time, and use the insights to drive efficiency and deliver elevated customer experiences.

How it works


Step 1


Re:infer is optimised for all common business communication channels. From email, chat and tickets, to annotations and CRM notes, create real-time connections across all the channels within your business.


Step 2


Re:infer understands human language. We read every message to automatically discover patterns in your conversations — finding frequently occurring questions, requests, processes and themes. Re:infer works fast; we deliver value in hours, not months.


Step 3


Re:infer learns from you and your data. The zero-code interface empowers business users to teach Re:infer the specifics of your business. Re:infer becomes completely tailored to you, and improves constantly in real time.


Step 4


Re:infer converts each message into structured data. Re:infer’s built-in analytics are displayed in a customisable report which gives you insight into processes, customer issues and change opportunities. From there, we can trigger automated actions such as routing, triage, alerts, case creation, and transactional responses.

What we do


Drive Value

The best way to serve your customers is to listen. Drive sales, reduce churn and improve your product by quantifying needs, motivations and feedback.


Minimise Cost

Every conversation is a request for manual work to be done. Uncover the hidden processes slowing your organisation down, and reduce cost by driving efficiency.



Use Re:infer AI to detect manual processes happening in your communications channels, and set up automation triggers with our pre-built UiPath and BluePrism integrations.

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