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Upload Data

Type of DataScenarioUpload Method
Microsoft ExchangeThis is the recommended way to get your development and production email data into Re:infer.A Microsoft Exchange mailbox can be synced directly into Re:infer via an Exchange Web Services (EWS) connection. Re:infer will clean and preprocess the raw emails. Get in touch if you are interested in a direct EWS integration.
Raw emailsThis option can be used if you already have extracted raw emails as part of an existing data pipeline.Raw emails can be synced into Re:infer via the email API endpoint. Re:infer will clean and preprocess the raw emails.
Customer feedback, surveys, reviews, ticketsThis option should be used for non-email data.Comments other than raw emails (which don't require special-purpose pre-processing) can be uploaded into Re:infer via the general-purpose API endpoint. Alternatively, a CLI tool is available for Linux platforms.
Labelled dataIf you have labelled data from another system that you want to upload to Re:infer.Labelled data can be uploaded using the Re:infer command line tool (available for Linux platforms). It is not currently possible to assign labels via the API.