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"The Holy Grail of AI is at the intersection of iterative data inputs and minimal training of algorithms"

Phil Fersht, Founder & CEO HFS

Leaders in Machine Learning Research

Recognised worldwide for leading research in machine learning, Re:infer is a spinout from the world-leading AI research group at UCL. Re:infer's proprietary technology builds on decades of research of the founding team.

Re:infer is built to solve the difficult problem of understanding human to human communications data - which involves context, shorthand vernacular, often referencing client specific terminology and phrasing. To do this accurately, securely and efficiently within the walls of the enterprise requires a fundamentally new approach.

World Leading AI Research

The team's research has been published in world leading peer reviewed conferences and journals.


Online Structured Laplace Approximations...


Generative Neural Machine Translation


Generating Sentences Using a Dynamic Canvas


Tensorized LSTMs for Sequence Learning

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Enterprise Machine Learning

Often the only people that understand a request made in communications data are the handful of employees that would typically handle it.

Just like on-boarding a new employee Re:infer learns and adapts to your organisation specific communications. Re:infer learns and adapts quickly using it's proprietary supervised and unsupervised learning capabilities.

Powerful Language Understanding

Re:infer’s Deep Learning language models are optimised to handle communications data: poorly spelt, loose grammar, vernacular, contextual communications.

Realtime Learning

Re:infer’s supervised learning is built to learn new concepts extremely quickly. New concepts can be taught and deployed to production in minutes not days.

Adaptive Unsupervised Learning

Re:infer's unsupervised learning technology automatically discovers your organisation specific requests, intents and terminology. Practically instant setup and maintenance.

Reliable Accuracy

Re:infer's accuracy is repeatedly tested and published in the platform giving you the confidence and information you need to drive automated processes.

Integrating the IT Ecosystem

Typically the only bridge between what’s said and what’s done in your organisation is an employee ‘listening' and 'acting'. In fact approximately 70% of an employees day is spent servicing requests or updates initiated through an email, chat or call.


Re:infer is graphically controlled — built to be operated by and to enable business owners and operators — zero code is required to setup, train and deploy the technology within your organisation.


Re:infer is a real-time communications analytics and automation technology. Bridging the gap between what’s said and what's done — machine learning enabled middleware converting conversational data into structured actionable data.


Re:infer’s output is a real-time interpretation of your business communications. Providing real-time analytics and ML giving you the visibility you need to operate your business.

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Enter communications data across every channel

Re:infer is built for large scale enterprises.

Our real-time interpretation of communications takes ~100s ms, is truly horizontally scalable can support billions of communications per year, in a highly secure and private environment.

Most powerful conversational intelligence platform

Automate the interpretation of unstructured communications data.