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Train and deploy custom machine learning models on communications data in hours with no code. Re:infer converts each message into structured, machine-readable data in real-time.

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Connect existing systems to import your communications and output structured data

Upload data from a CSV or connect Re:infer in real-time using one of the many existing integrations.

Alternatively, use the API directly or a handy command line tool that simplifies managing sources and datasets, as well as importing or exporting data and predictions.

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Train custom state of the art machine learning models with AI guidance

Re:infer’s data efficient models combined with Bayesian active learning significantly reduce the amount of training data and time needed to achieve high mean average precision.

Re:infer’s intuitive training UI and suggested next best actions improve model accuracy and minimize human effort.

Fully customisable models enable you to extract only the information you care about.

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Continuously monitor model performance and drift on new data

As data is annotated, Re:infer continuously cross-validates every model trained as data is annotated and presents an intuitive breakdown of recall and precision.

Validation statistics allow full understanding and analysis of Re:infer’s performance.

In built model versioning and deployment provides determinism for downstream actions.

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Quickly identify the high volume processes and requests

Re:infer’s unsupervised and semi-supervised deep learning models read through historical data and automatically cluster communications based on frequently occurring intents.

As the data is annotated, the model continuously retrains to find new and interesting communications to present the user.

Cluster interpretability allows users to understand why the communications are clustered together.

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Gain powerful insights through in-app analytics

Each message is converted into structured annotated data. Enabling processes, requests and issues to be identified, quantified and tracked.

Inbuilt analytics and reporting provide historical and real-time insights on communications channels.

Each chart and statistic is directly linked the underlying messages, meaning you can understand exactly what’s happening in your business as it happens.

Quickly create custom dashboards for continuous monitoring. All reports are exportable and shareable, and available via API to integrate wiith other data visualisation studios.

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Take automatic actions and trigger processes in response to messages in real time

Re:infer’s structured annotations, including intents, process and request types, as well as structured entities are available via push and pull based API for driving automation in other systems.

Zero-code API endpoint configuration makes it simple to trigger downstream processes and create streams of communications for automation.

With an active feedback loop, Re:infer also learns from exceptions and continuously improves.

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Automate the interpretation of unstructured communications data.