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Artificial intelligence is the enabler for disruption

Customer expectations around what insurance represents and how it’s purchased are changing the competitor landscape within the insurance industry.

The context

Most insurers today are faced with intense competition from new digital-first players offering alternative experiences and built on different business operating models.

Customer experience and personalisation are now critical for creating high-growth businesses.

Operational efficiency will be a key lever for success as processing and decision making speeds transform customer expectations.

Today, most insurance firms do not have an infrastructural ability to analyse or automate unstructured communications data at scale.

The solution

Re:infer’s Deep Learning platform unlocks the value in an insurer’s communications data.

In the direct channel, Re:infer automatically classifies the intents, sentiments and emotions contained in multi-channel communications (chat, voice, emails, social, feedback). Re:infer builds a real-time picture of the customer’s experience, their wants and needs.

In the broker-underwriter channel, Re:infer extracts actionable client intelligence that drives cross-sell opportunities and actionable product feedback.

In claims, Re:infer classifies, routes and processes claims descriptions in minutes rather than days.

In operations, Re:infer can automatically discover and identify inefficient manual processes that are ideal candidates for automation.

Re:infer creates opportunities for growth

Enhanced Customer Experience

Re:infer builds a complete view of the customer journey by automatically identifying experience in multiple channels, from sales calls, chats, online reviews, forums and emails.

Intelligent Operations

Re:infer provides deep insight into operations and processes that are highly manual and initiated via a communication. By converting these unstructured flows into structured data, downstream automation tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be triggered in real-time to deliver Straight-Through-Processing.

Real-time Monitoring

Re:infer provides automatic alerts for emerging customer or operational demands expressed across communications channels. Test and measure the performance of change initiatives, product releases and sales offers in real-time.

Intelligent Claims

Re:infer helps to read, classify and understand claims descriptions in real-time, allowing insurers to scale processing and response times.

Customer Insights

  • Discover the actions and behaviours leading to customer loyalty
  • Identify the drivers of value and failure demand
  • Bring visibility to the drivers of churn
  • Uncover actionable insights that drive personalisation and promotions

Operations Analytics

  • Discover manual and repetitive processes in operations
  • Identify business areas suitable for automation
  • Gain visibility into root-cause errors
  • Quantify decision making processes


  • Action requests expressed in natural language
  • Bridge the gap between humans and IT in operations
  • Accelerate digital transformation initiatives

Employee Insights

  • Monitor employee trends globally
  • Quantify sentiment from onboarding to exit
  • Improve engagement and predict attrition
  • Optimise change initiatives