Deep Learning meets

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Artificial intelligence can deliver innovation that was previously hard to achieve

Cutting-edge technology for understanding unstructured communications data.

In a competitive telecommunications market, digitally advanced services and architectures will be the determinant of future success.

The context

In a rapidly changing environment for the telecoms industry, operators are looking for new ways to increase revenues and reduce operational expenditure.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now considered as a core component of digital transformation.

Transformation however starts with data. And many operators are presiding over large quantities of unstructured data that remains unusable, hiding insight and preventing innovation.

The solution

Re:infer’s Deep Learning platform unlocks the information in unstructured communications data.

In a customer experience context, Re:infer unearths value in every conversation. From customer calls and emails, to chat support and online forums, every customer touchpoint is understood, analysed and actioned at scale.

In operations, Re:infer provides visibility into thousands of grey and manual processes that run between the shared service centre and the business.

Tight integrations with enterprise automation tools like Robotic Process Automation allow Re:infer to provide the gap between requests expressed in natural language and actions in downstream systems.

Re:infer creates opportunities for growth

Customer centrity

Re:infer builds a complete view of the customer journey by automatically identifying experience in multiple channels, from sales calls, chats, online reviews, forums and emails.

Intelligent operations

Re:infer provides deep insight into operations and manual processes running across the business and shared service centre.

Product Intelligence

Re:infer provides real-time insights into product feedback so that operators can act quickly and respond to trends.

Intelligent Automation

Address the high and inefficient cost of human capital with straight through processing of repetitive manual tasks.

Customer Insights

  • Discover the actions and behaviours leading to customer loyalty
  • Identify the drivers of failure and value demand
  • Bring visibility to the drivers of churn
  • Uncover actionable insights that drive personalisation and promotions

Cognitive Contact Centre

  • Analyse customer calls to detect root cause drivers of customer pain
  • Compare the performance of customer service agents
  • Uncover hidden relationships between product, experience and loyalty

Operation Analytics

  • Discover and quantify all manual processes
  • Detect root-cause of exceptions and process, systems and people failure
  • Identify automation opportunities or candidates for self-service


  • Make all communications data structured and actionable in the wider IT real-estate (RPA, CRM, CMS, SCV, ERP)
  • Deliver straight-through processing of requests
  • Cognitive + RPA: amplify existing robotics installations with a cognitive front-end that can trigger processes

"Re:infer's deep learning platform allows us to unpick customer intents and unlock understanding in unstructured processes across the business."

Wayne Butterfield, Director – Cognitive Automation & Innovation ISG